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RAD Studio 10.4.2 Silent Installer Makes It Easy To Automate The Installation Process

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RAD Studio 10.4.2 supports silent, automated installation of the product with no UI interaction. Silent Install is available for offline and online installation. In the offline installation there is a GOF file and the setup executable. In the online installation there is a setup executable and an automatic download of the required packages in the background. The Windows SDK installation currently starts with a UI and doesn’t respect the “silent installation” rule. Additionally, both scenarios (silent and very silent) the silent installer will still ask you to confirm the EULA. Press Y (for Yes) at the very beginning of the process, it will not ask for further interaction after this initial input.

Take a look at how you can configure the silent installation with the command line parameters below.

Installer Command Line Parameters

Silent installation can be activated by passing additional, optional command line parameters to the Setup program (if you don’t pass any parameter, a regular installation is performed). The Setup command line parameters that are required for silent installation mode are the following:

/SILENTRuns the installer in silent mode. The progress window is displayed.
/VERYSILENTRuns the installer in very silent mode. No windows are displayed.
/SUPRESSMSGBOXESSuppresses messagge boxes. This has an effect only when combined with/SILENT and/VERYSILENT.
/NOCANCELDisables canceling the installation process.
/NORESTARTPrevents the installer from restarting the system even if it is necessary.
/DIR="x:dirpath"Overrides the default install directory.
/SLIPFILE="x:filepath"Installs a license file.
/FEATURES=featureidIndicates the feature(s) to install, separated with ” ; “. See the list below for the available features’ names.
/LOG="x:filepath"Causes setup to create a log file for debugging the installation process. If the file cannot be created, Setup will abort with an error message.

Note: A license file should be installed on the target machine before silently installing RAD Studio or you can install it using the /SLIPFILE option.

Core Installable Features

The /FEATURES command line parameter takes featureids from the below table. The silent installer allows you to install the core IDE and any of the following platforms and features (features availability depends also on the license being passed as a parameter). These are the IDs of the available features:

Feature IDDescription
delphiInstalls all Delphi platforms
delphi_windowsInstalls Delphi Windows platform
delphi_macosInstalls Delphi macOS platform
delphi_linuxInstalls Delphi Linux platform
delphi_iosInstalls Delphi iOS platform
delphi_androidInstalls Delphi Android platform
cbuilderInstalls all C++ Builder platforms
cbuilder_windowsInstalls C++ Builder Windows platform
cbuilder_iosInstalls C++ Builder iOS platform
cbuilder_androidInstalls C++ Builder Android platform
frenchInstalls French language pack
germanInstalls German language pack
japaneseInstalls Japanese language pack
samplesInstalls Samples
helpInstalls Help files
teechartInstalls TeeChart components
dunitInstalls DUnit components
interbase_expressInstalls InterBase Express components
interbase_2020Installs InterBase 2020
openjdkInstalls AdoptOpenJDK
android_sdkInstalls AndroidSDK

Here is an example command line to silently install the program and install all Delphi and C++Builder platforms (the license file should be installed before running this):

With the silent option, you see the installation status, but there is no further request to fill in:

silentinstaller1 9387012

With the /verysilent mode the operation terminates immediately and there is a hidden command prompt doing the installation:

900px silentinstall 4046028

Head over and check out the full release notes for Delphi 10.4.2 in the Embarcadero DocWiki.

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