Top 5 C++ IDE Requirements For Windows App Development

1. The C++ IDE should come with a C++ Compiler which supports CLANG Compiler In Windows application development, having a native C++ IDE and compiler that supports the latest Windows features is very important. Some of the IDEs are not specifically designed for C++ development. In fact, some C++ IDEs are designed only for console application developments. Some support only a small subset of…
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The Top 6 Picks From Last Week On LearnCPlusPlus.org

Hello Dear C++ Developers, LearnCPlusPlus.org is the ultimate place to learn how to use the powerful Modern C++ language in easy steps. We try to use the latest RAD Studio, C++ Builder versions (10.4.2) to test the modern ways in CLANG C++ Standards. Because of CLANG…

Use Real PNG Files In Your Delphi C++ Builder Applications

In VCL, of course, you can use Real PNG files with the TPngImage class. With TPngImage class, you can load and manipulate PNG graphics. But there is another option to use PNG image files with PNGComponents. PNGComponents is a set of components that allows you to easily include PNG files in your application. This is a source-only release of TurboPack PNGComponents. It includes design-time and…
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High-Performance C++ NMEA Parser GPS Interface

Most GPS modules have a serial port, which makes them excellent to connect to a microcontroller or computer. It is common for the microcontroller to parse the NMEA data. Parsing is just removing the pieces of data from the NMEA sentence so the microcontroller can do…
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Quickly Control Light Bulbs Using FireMonkey

ThingConnect IoT device component pack is one of the best areas of RAD Studio. It offers you to connect to dozens of IoT devices with easy-to-use interfaces. For instance, you can connect to the Aeon Labs Light Bulb using Delphi or C++ Builder. As you can see these…

Easily Create Visually-Stunning Instrumentation Multimedia Applications

If you would like to create professional-looking instrumentation and multimedia applications with VCL and FireMonkey you should read this post! What is TMS Instrumentation? TMS Instrumentation is a library full of components, methods, and routines enabling you to create professional-looking instrumentation and a multimedia application. This component set contains more than 80…
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Rapidly Create Cloud Aware Native Applications

You get built-in components to work with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. For instance, Data.Cloud.AmazonAPI contains classes that implement the API for using the Amazon services (such as queue, table). And the TAmazonStorageService class allows you to connect to…
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Ultra-Fast Way To Retrieve Event Logs In Your Delphi App With Robust Component Suite

Developers may often need to retrieve the windows event messages to diagnose system problems and predict future issues. How to retrieve event logs programmatically for the given source such as System, Security, Hardware events, etc. ? Don’t know how to do? Don’t worry? MiTec’sSystem Information Management Suite’s component helps to retrieve event messages quickly and…
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