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Accelerate Development With The Latest FMX And VCL Packages Via Embarcadero GetIt

The RAD Studio IDE has a package manager called GetIt built in which that allows you to browse, download, purchase, and install packages. Packages provide libraries, components, IDE extensions, SDKs, styles, samples, and more. Packages available in the package manager can be browsed on theEmbarcadero GetItsite and installed in the IDE or via a command line. Additionally, the latest…
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Turbo Charge Your Delphi Windows App Development With The TurboPack Essentials VCL Controls

TurboPack Essentials offers 13 different easy-to-use VCL controls to use in your Delphi and C++ Builder Windows Applications. It’s fast and easy to install using the GetIt Package Manager! You can find out more about TurboPack Essentials on the web. Step 1. Open the GetIt Package Manager: Step 2. Enter “Essentials” in the search box: Step 3. Press the install button, GetIT…
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Easily Add Slide Animations To Your Cross Platform Apps With Gesture Support In This FireMonkey Sample

In this post, you will discover two different demo application,the first oneshows you how to add sliding tabs to an application through the use of multiple tabs with custom settings, next and back buttons, and gesture support.The second sampleshows you how to implement a master-detail interface and display the Multiview control as a slide-in drawer, popover menu, docked…
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Getting Started with Python4Delphi

During part 1 of our webinar last week there were a few questions about installing components and getting started. I made a short video and wanted to provide some details here. SynEdit is an optional library that provides syntax highlighting and proper indention behaviors if you want to allow users to edit Python code in your application. If you just want to interact with Python and…
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