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High-Performance Bluetooth Low Energy Library For RAD Developers

high performance bluetooth low energy library for rad developers

Embarcadero offers a set of components and libraries to work with Bluetooth Low Energy or just BLE-enabled devices. For instance, you can utilize the new TBluetoothLE component to implement the RTL BluetoothLE feature for server and client applications using with FireMonkey.

Furthermore, the RTL provides a BLE scan filter implementation that takes advantage of the new BLE low consumption chips. Probably you can connect any BLE-enabled devices using built-in Bluetooth components which comes with RAD Studio.

In addition to that, there are third-party BLE libraries or components available for Delphi & C++ Builder developers. For instance, IPWorks BLE library.

What is IPWorks BLE Library? 

IPWorks BLE includes a set of powerful components for integrating Bluetooth Low Energy communications capabilities into the web, desktop, and more applications. The BLEClient component provides a simple but flexible BLE GATT client implementation and descriptors exposed by BLE GATT servers on BLE devices.

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IPWorks BLE Library Features:

  • Complete GATT Client component
  • User-friendly scanning and service discovery
  • Full support for reading, writing and subscribing to characteristics
  • Fast, robust, reliable, and thread-safe capabilities
  • and more

How do I get the IPWorks BLE Library?

Head over and check out the BLE library on the GetIt portal and download it in the IDE using the GetIt Package Manager.

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