Using "reFind" tool to migrate BDE app to FireDAC with Delphi 10.1

Author: Pawe Gowacki Two weeks ago I was contributing to a bigger Delphi migration webinar run by mycolleagueStephen Ball the demonstration of actual steps of live migration of BDE-based source code to FireDAC. Migration of existing VCLprojects to the latest version of Delphiis the hot topic in Delphi community. Many migration tasks can be automated. Today at the Developer…
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Developer Direct 2014 Mobile School: Lesson 3 Slides and Replays

Author: Wayne S8181 Monday, July 14, 2014: Lesson 3 – Accessing Local Storage and Data In this lesson, we explore local storage covering a range of options including using INI files and local document storage. This lesson will also show how to use FireDAC database access components to connect to and use local SQLite, InterBase IBLite and IBToGo. You will understand the core concepts when…
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