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5 Great Modern C++ Posts To Add To Your Toolkit

Hello C++ Developers, LearnCPlusPlus.orgis packed full of great articles on new modern C++ topics for professionals and beginners. In this article we point you toward some recent great posts which focus on more Modern C++ coding topis. We have articles about the TwineCompile component which is a multi-threaded compiler for the C++ Builder, visualization of Kinematics, the excellent and…
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How To Use A C++ DLL In Any Delphi Program

There is a glorious wealth of useful C++ libraries available on the internet. We have featured many great uses of C++ here on this blog too. C++ is typically extremely high performance. If we can have the source code of the C++ library, we can create a package which will then allow us to use the C++ in our Delphi programs. Often though the source code of the C++ library is not available. In…
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Flexible Comport DLL Library For Serial Communication On Windows

Serial Communicationsis a core communication between PC and peripheral devices Such as a programmable instrument or another computer. Do you feel challenged in writing code to communicate with serial devices from yourDelphi/C++applications? How about a DLL library which does the Serial Communication with better API controls for you instead of writing a new one from scratch?
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