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5 Common Misconceptions About Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

In our previous articles about Blockchain, we have explored and learned a lot about the whole Blockchain infrastructure, cryptocurrencies, how to integrate Blockchain APIs into Delphi applications, non-fungible tokens, and more. This Is The Blockchain And It May Rule The World Is Blockchain’s only application cryptocurrency? Blockchain and cryptocurrency are outstanding together.
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What Is The Next Big Thing in Blockchain?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin use enormous amounts of energy to secure their network. But why are cryptocurrencies so power-hungry and more importantly what are the alternatives? Much of the hardware used to perform the calculations uses highly specialized computers running…

Powerful Financial Robo-Analyst Software For The Likes Of BitCoin, GameStop, BlackBerry, And AMC Is Built With Delphi

Robo-Analyst is a powerful financial software that gives an instant analysis on more than 16,000 stocks, funds, and cryptocurrencies and it is built with Delphi. According to Robo-Analyst their advanced software analyzes and interprets the most widely-used indicators; with a Daily, Short-term and Long-term outlook. The software explains the analysis simply on the chart and in text to help…
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