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Powerful Financial Robo-Analyst Software For The Likes Of BitCoin, GameStop, BlackBerry, And AMC Is Built With Delphi


Robo-Analyst is a powerful financial software that gives an instant analysis on more than 16,000 stocks, funds, and cryptocurrencies and it is built with Delphi. According to Robo-Analyst their advanced software analyzes and interprets the most widely-used indicators; with a Daily, Short-term and Long-term outlook. The software explains the analysis simply on the chart and in text to help investors make a quick, informed decision. End of day and intraday analysis is available for cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin and Etherium plus stocks such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, GameStop, BlackBerry, AMC, and many more. Everything is automatically analyzed on one screen; Market Condition, Market Timing, and Technical Analysis on any stock and many cryptocurrencies. Robo-Analyst says it can benefit beginners and experts alike. The creator of Robo-Analyst spent years in R&D perfecting the Robo-Analyst software algorithms. Originally it was built in Delphi 7 but was recently upgraded to the latest version of Delphi. It uses Delphi technologies such as WebBroker, RAD Server, and FireDAC combined with other languages and technologies such as React, PHP, and AngularJS. This a great example of Delphi at the core of a business with other front end and back end technologies supporting it.



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