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This Is How To Develop Modern C++ Apps With C++ Builder 12

Hello C++ Developers, I am happy that in the last few years, IDERA Inc. Company and Embarcadero focused on supporting C++ more, which is a good strategy for the software industry. This support started with embracing the hugely popular Visual Assist product from WholeTomato as well as releasing a preview of the 64-bit CLANG compiler. In November, the new RAD Studio 12 with the new C++…
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Modern Examples For The New Modern C++ Builder 12

Hello C++ Developers, Yilmaz here from LearnCPlusPlus.org. This month, the new RAD Studio 12, the new C++ Builder 12, and the new Delphi 12 were released packed full of great features, optimizations, and improvements. We’ve had some great positive and encouraging…
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[Yukon Beta Blog] C++ and Visual Assist in RAD Studio 12.0

This blog post is based on a pre-release version of the RAD Studio software and it has been written with specific permission by Embarcadero. No feature is committed until the product GA release. RAD Studio 12 is just around the corner, with our release webinar this Thursday! Back in August, we gave a preview webinar of what is being worked on internally for C++, covering a preview of the…
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Three Important Posts About The Features Of C++14

Hello C++ Developers. As I write this post, the summer is over (if you live in the Northern hemisphere), and, in most countries, the new educational year has started, and we wish good luck to all students. If you are a student and want to learn C++, we have a lot of educational posts for you. This week, we continue to explore features from the C++14 standard which is available in C++ Builder. This…
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Learn How To Use Integer Literals And The Deprecated Attribute In C++

Hello fellow C++ Developers. Since January we have released many new posts covering the features of the C++11 standard. These features are mostly done, and this week we start on describing C++14 features. We have five more beginners to professional-level topics in modern C++. C++ evolves and refines itself even further with the release of each new C++ standard. C++14 came with a new deprecated…
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