8 Delphi Success Stories Across Windows And Mobile

ArtGen Applications created with Delphi/Pascal are primarily used in the fields of science and technology as well as in business. The development environment is seldom used to create art. With ArtGen, programmer and artist Volker Diefenbach has managed to create a fantastic combination of two worlds that can be described as “algorithmic art”. CHALLENGES The development environment…
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C++Builder and Platforms Support

David Millington (Senior Product Manager), Atanas Popov (General Manager, Developer Tools), Kyle Wheeler (General Manager, C++) Over the past year, we have had many customers ask about our plans to continue cross-platform multi-device support in C++Builder. We’d like to…

January 2019 GetIt Package Manager Report

New and Updated in December 2018 This is the first GetIt Package Manager report for 2019,where we look back onDecember 2018. The GetIt Package Manager continues to see new and updated packages supporting the new 10.3 Rio release. More and more of our amazing technology partners are adding their libraries to GetIt to make them easier to find and install for all RAD Studio users. Many…
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Building Stunning UIs with C++ and FireMonkey

With many companies taking the “mobile first” approach, building applications that work on multiple platforms is a requirement for success. Developers who know how to build for more than one platform are in demand, while application users have become accustomed to…