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Create Blazingly Fast Multi-Platform Cloud Aware Solution With RAD Studio

create blazingly fast cloud aware solution with rad studio

Delphi and C++ Builder provides a set of advanced REST components to talk with external APIs. Several sample applications show you how to exchange data with APIs. For example, the Cloud API Test sample has fully functional 5K+ lines of code demo for playing with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. This means you can connect any web service easily with the built-in components.

TMS FMX Cloud Pack is another option to connect to cloud services quickly. They offer lots of abstractions for developers that we can spend less time building the connection between the cloud service like, YouTube, PayPal, LinkedIn, Microsoft Computer Vision e.t.c

TMS FMX Cloud components support cross-platform application development and the component architecture based on original FireMonkey classes. 

Here are some of the available components:

  • Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Windows Live Calendar, Outlook Contacts
  • Apple CloudKit, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Storage, Google Sheets
  • Instagram, Imgur, Flickr
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Trello
  • Paypal, Google Analytics, and much more

Head over and check out the TMS FMX Cloud Pack right now on the GetIt portal and download it in the IDE.

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