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Websockets WebRTC In Real-Time - Do You Know How To Do It?

The web is basically operational using HTTP requests and responses. In this mechanism, the client always initiates the connection. There is a timeout period after which the server discards the connection. Once discarded, the client must initiate a new connection. This is OK with normal web applications, but for real-time communication, this is not enough. A system called HTTP-long polling was…
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Low Code App Wizard for Delphi

Low code app development is increasingly popular today, and for good reason: it speaks to the demand for software paired with the difficulty of creating it. In many ways, Delphi led the low code revolution: RAD, where you build software by connecting components in a visual…

Data ETL: Adding Custom LiveBindings To Your Apps

In the recent Data ETL focused TCoffeeAndCode episode there was some excellent discussion around the use of FireDAC to extract and manipulate data in various ways. In this article, you’ll get through what Data ETL is, what is LiveBindings, using Live Bindings with an IDE software , using LiveBindings with custom binding expressions and many more. The replay, in case you missed it, the replay…
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Encoding And Decoding Files In C++ Builder By Using Bit Shifting

What are the fastest data encoding and decoding methods? Can we use shifting to encode or decode data or files? How can we make use of the C++ compiler? Can we use shifting on strings or binary data? Should we? We’ll do our best to answer all of these questions. Bits and bitwise operations Thebitis the most basic unit of information in computing and digital communications.
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This AI API Makes Your App A "Fast Style" Artistic Genius

The AI API “Fast Style” is a form of graphical style transfer which uses a neural network to combine the artistic styles of one image with another to render a new unique image. You can think of it as taking a photograph and combining it with a Manet painting to produce a unique photo after the style of Manet. To make art, we will use the help of DeepAi.org a platform that you can…
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