What Are The CMath Mathematical Special Functions In Modern C++?

Hello developers, one of the most important parts of programming is using mathematical functions in calculations and developing faster and smarter computational algorithms. In professional programming, every bit of development in computational apps is important when using mathematical functions, methods and variables that we use, which may affect to speed of our calculations and the performance…
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This Is How To Develop Modern C++ Apps With C++ Builder 12

Hello C++ Developers, I am happy that in the last few years, IDERA Inc. Company and Embarcadero focused on supporting C++ more, which is a good strategy for the software industry. This support started with embracing the hugely popular Visual Assist product from WholeTomato as well as releasing a preview of the 64-bit CLANG compiler. In November, the new RAD Studio 12 with the new C++…
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Modern Examples For The New Modern C++ Builder 12

Hello C++ Developers, Yilmaz here from LearnCPlusPlus.org. This month, the new RAD Studio 12, the new C++ Builder 12, and the new Delphi 12 were released packed full of great features, optimizations, and improvements. We’ve had some great positive and encouraging…
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Three Important Modern C++ Features That Can Be Used With C++ Builder

Hello C++ Developers, this week, we have 3 more modern C++ features that can be used in C++ Builder. In C++14 you can store string in strings using modern programming methods. In the first post, we explain how you can preserve the string format especially when we use a string in a string with /”. Containers are powerful data storage arrays in modern C++ and they are very useful for iterating…
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Useful Features Of Modern C++ That Come With C++14

Hello fellow C++ Developers. This week we continue to explore features from the C++14 standard. One of the features that comes with C++14 is auto return type deduction,. We explain auto return type deduction with very simple examples including lambda and template examples. The Lambda Expression construct is introduced in C++ 11 and further developed in the C++14, C++17, and C++20 standards. In…
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