Learn To Quickly Integrate With Amazon Web Services In Delphi And RAD Studio

In this replay demo oriented session from CodeRage X, Pawel is going to show how to build single-source multi-device, natively compiled Delphi apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac that integrate with Amazon Web Services using Cloud API framework. Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers secure, scalable and inexpensive “cloud computing” platform that combined with cross-platform mobile and desktop…
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Top 5 Delphi Books Which Can Turn You Into An Object Pascal Rockstar

There are five recent Delphi books that can really kick-start your development with Delphi on Android, iOS, Windows 10, and MacOSX. These five books are the Object Pascal Handbook, Coding In Delphi, More Coding In Delphi, Delphi Cookbook Second Edition, and Delphi Programming for Beginners. Some of these books are free and some of them are available from various online stores like Amazon. If you…
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Three Ways To Easily Embed A Database With Your Android And IOS Apps

There are numerous embedded databases that can be used with Delphi and C++Builder. Embarcadero provides two embedded databases: InterBase ToGo and IBLite. The SQLite Consortium created SQLite, an embedded SQL database engine. Finally, there’s TFDMemTable, which can save and load data from binary, XML, and JSON files, as well as query them via its LocalSQL property. Each embedded database has…
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