2021 Annual C++ Developer Survey "Lite" by ISOCpp.org - Results summary

ISOCpp.org ran a C++ developer survey “lite” for the past week. You can find the PDF survey results on the site at https://isocpp.org/blog/2021/04/results-summary-2021-annual-cpp-developer-survey-lite More than 1800 C++ developers responded to the survey. Here are a few items that I pulled out of the PDF results. Almost 90% of respondents use C++ for work. Over 50% of developers have…
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C++Builder Developer on StackOverflow was having trouble with SysUtils FindFirst / FindNext not finding all files with extension ~1~ and other strange file extensions.

Here was my answer 😀 Create a New | C++Builder VCL Windows application. On the form add TPanel, TButton, TEdit and TMemo components. Put the TButton and TEdit into the TPanel. Set TPanel align property to AlTop. Set the TMemo align property to alClient. FindFirst’s declaration in SysUtils.hpp is: extern DELPHI_PACKAGE int __fastcall FindFirst(const System::UnicodeString Path…
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C++Builder support for ISO C++ in version 10.4 Sydney

There have been several questions on forums and Stack Overflow about ISO C++ language support in the most recent release of C++Builder. This post includes links and information about C++Builder compilers that are built on top of the Clang open source compilers. Learn more…
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My five favorite new features in RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney

There are so many great new features in 10.4 Sydney, but when asked for a top five I had to prune my list a lot. Here are my top five favorite new features in RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney. 1) The new TEdgeBrowser component is a great advance for building Windows apps. Even better is the update to the TWebBrowser component that give developers flexibility to select which browser engine you want to use…
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RAD Server: Mapping Web Properties to Folders

In my Embarcadero Academy RAD Server courses, “Using Delphi and RAD Server to Rapidly Design, Build, Debug, and Deploy Services-Based Solutions” and “Using C++Builder and RAD Server to Rapidly Design, Build, Debug, and Deploy Services-Based…

RAD Server Academy Course - lecture 7 extract - Returning JSON using JSONValue and JSONWriter.

I’ve uploaded an extract of me RAD Server Embarcadero Academy course Lecture 7 –Returning JSON using JSONValue and JSONWriter. This video clips will give you an example of one of the lectures that are included in the Delphi and C++ courses. The clips (on my YouTube channel) show you how to use JSONWriter to output rows and columns of database data as JSON data. There are clips…
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