The "Awesome Pascal" Package Contains Amazing Delphi, FreePascal And Other Pascal Frameworks, Libraries And Resources

Easily one the best combined lists of libraries and other resources. Awesome Pascal is open-source and available on GitHub here: What sort of things are included on the Awesome Pascal List? As the official says “Note that only open-source projects are considered. Dead projects (not updated for 3 years or more) must be really…
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Getting Started as an InterBase VAR - How to Become an InterBase VAR

The InterBase VAR program is here to help you take your ideas from paper to market. We know one size doesn’t fit all and each solution is unique; that is why the VAR Program exists. VARs can embed InterBase with their applications with a “silent install” and pay for licenses periodically as they are distributed. This licensing option and volume license discounts are possible by…
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Developing Fluent User Interfaces For Windows 10

In this post, we invite you to Join Delphi MVP Ian Barker as he demonstrates how to achieve the modern Windows 10 look and feel with RAD Studio themes and some *extremely* low-cost third-party controls. Ian will show you how to achieve that truly modern WOW factor with…

Developer Stories: Alysson Cunha Speaks On His Firecast 8 Entertainment Software

Alysson Cunha has been programming with Delphi since he was 13, in 2001. His showcase entry (Firecast 8) won the grand prize of the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge and we interviewed him on everything about his winning software and how it came about. Get more information about the entertainment software on the RRPG Firecast website. When did you start using RAD Studio/Delphi and have long have…
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Powerful Torque Tool Controller Is Developed In Delphi

The Torque Tool Controller project catches the results of tightening from a tool controller for future analysis and it is developed in Delphi. According to the developer, “This is my prototype to verify torque / angle traceability connected with tool controller. I have been working with this project with Delphi 7.” The application appears to be running on some specialized equipment and…
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