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Everything You Need To Create iOS Cross Platform Apps

Here are the slides and links for the “Everything you need to create iOS cross platform apps” webinar presented by Embarcadero MVP Ian Barker and Tech Partner and MVP Serge Pilko on 19th July 2022. Is there a replay of the “Everything You Need To Create iOS Cross Platform Apps” webinar? Yes, here is the YouTube replay of the webinar in full along with the Q & A…
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How To Use Strings And File Names In C++ Software?

Hello to All Beginner and Professional C++ Developers, C++ Builder is a modern, professional IDE with great C and C++ compilers for a range of different OS platforms tocreate great C++ software. The C++ Builder IDE and runtime have a lot of modern features. This is another hot week of summer with a lot of new C++ posts. Every post here gives you more details about the methods of modern…
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How To Build iOS Apps Without A Mac

To effectively answer how to build iOS apps without a Mac, we first need to know why some form of a Mac is always going to be necessary for a very small part of this process even though we discuss here how you can use a Windows computer to design and program macOS and iOS…

A Delphi Demo with WeatherStack by APILayer

I recently gave a presentation about the use of cloud and REST APIs from Delphi at the Italian Delphi Day conference, at the end of June. Among the various demos, I made some experiments using APILayer REST APIs. In case you don’t know, APILayer is a company that is part of Idera, like Embarcadero. Why REST APIs Before we explore specific APIs and demos, I’d like to discuss the relevance of…
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How To Design Screens For Cross Platform C++ Apps And More

Hello C++ Developers, In a previous C++ apps article we covered 5 easy C++ string methods to learn where we focused on how to iterate and manipulate strings in C++ in various ways. Today we have new different topics. In the first post pick, we will learn a reverse search method in modern C++. In another post, we will learn 3 different ways to remove characters of a wide string in a…
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