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5 Things About C++ Software To Learn Today

Hello to all beginner and professional C++ developers, C++ Builder is a modern, professional C++ IDE and has great compilers to create amazing C and C++ software for most popular OS platforms. The C++ Builder IDE and its C and C++ compilers are packed full of features to help you develop professional apps in the most modern and efficient ways. This week, we will explain how to insert a string…
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RAD Studio Quality Portal 2022 User Guide

Embarcadero’s Quality Portal provides a community process for resolving, clarifying, and tracking quality issues regarding Embarcadero’s products and services. Embarcadero customers with an EDN account can create bug reports and feature requests, view other customers’…
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Delphi Developer Debate - WITH/GOTO/LABEL Slides And Replay

Here are the slides and links for the “Delphi Developer Debate – Syntax Censor – WITH/GOTO/LABEL” webinar hosted by Embarcadero MVP Ian Barker and a gathering of your favorite MVPs and developers on 27th July 2022. The fun and lively discussion centers on your favorite IDE software, RAD Studio and specifically the WITH, GOTO and LABEL language features from Delphi and the opinions…
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The Anatomy Of A Great Windows IDE

Many different text editors and IDEs are available for Windows, but not all are created equal. This article will look at some of the features that make a great Windows IDE. What is a Windows IDE? An IDE, or integrated development environment, is software that provides…
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6 Best UI Toolkits For Windows

User Interface design is evolving and the age of building from scratch is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Modern integrated development environments, IDEs, often contain features such as low code wizards and pre-made templates with beautiful professional quality styles and themes. Nowadays, many designers search for the best UI toolkit they can get to simplify their work process and create…
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Can I Do Linux Development On Windows?

Windows is the most popular desktop operating system in the world. Almost 50% of developers use it every day. At the same time, many of you are building and deploying applications to Linux-based servers running in the cloud. You need a solution for seamlessly developing…
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How To Build A Windows App

Every day something close to a billion people worldwide use different Windows apps for one reason or another and knowing how to build a Windows app is a valuable skill. Think, for instance, how modern graphic designers use apps for photo editing, illustrations, designing…
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What Is The Best Graphs And Network Visualization Tool On Windows?

Did you know that it’s simple to use some truly excellent Python libraries to boost your Delphi app development on Windows?  These libraries are very easy to use and produce wonderful ways to produce graphs and network visualization. Adding Python to your Delphi code toolbox can enhance your app development by bringing in new capabilities that allow you to provide innovative and powerful…
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