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How To Build A Windows App

How To Build A Windows App

Every day something close to a billion people worldwide use different Windows apps for one reason or another and knowing how to build a Windows app is a valuable skill. Think, for instance, how modern graphic designers use apps for photo editing, illustrations, designing vector graphics and a host of other uses. It’s almost impossible to imagine the millions of businesses around the world not using the many different apps and devices for collaboration, task management, communication, and more. Despite strong competition from Apple and the constant pressure from the Linux community, Windows still thoroughly dominates the desktop. Hence, there is a huge demand for windows app development. Once the preserve of a select few ‘computer geeks’, programming is now much more accessible with software design skills being taught widely to students from a broad range of backgrounds. This greater competition means developers need to find ways to build functional apps faster. But, how to build a windows app quickly with less coding? Using the best native app builder software!

If you’re looking for the best native app builder, RAD Studio is what you need. RAD Studio is a powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that offers all the features you need for quick app development.

How To Build A Windows App A developer working on an app

In this article, we’ll discuss how to build a windows app efficiently and quickly. We’ll also show you why RAD Studio is the best apps builder software.

What is app builder software and how can we use it to build a Windows app?

App builder software provides an easy and efficient way to build apps. The purpose of these tools is to simplify the app development process and enhance the productivity of developers.

Different developers use different types of app builders, depending on the development approach. For instance, usually, people with little knowledge of coding use no-code app builders or low-code app development platforms. These platforms come with a drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to drag an icon onto the screen quickly.

However, if you want a complete development platform that gives you a comprehensive set of tools required for writing and testing code efficiently, IDEs are best for you. IDEs typically consist of a code editor or text editor, a compiler, and a debugger. The code editor is where developers write and edit the source code. The compiler then translates this code into another programming language that a computer can understand. The debugger is helpful in testing the software.

Some efficient IDEs like RAD Studio also offer additional features, such as auto code completion, allowing developers to find references to other resources, comment on lines of code, and many more.

Why should you use application builder software?

If you’re a developer wondering how to build a windows app faster, an efficient app builder is what you need. App builder software for PC offers several benefits:

Speeds up time to market

App builders and IDEs help businesses bring their products to market faster. The efficient GUI makes it easy to create an application quickly.


Efficient app builders like RAD Studio offer collaboration features allowing you to work with your team members on an app.

Better Code Quality

Developers and engineers test codes to eliminate defects and improve software quality. With a powerful app builder like RAD Studio, you can test your code at any time using automated testing tools.

How to build a Windows app with ease using RAD Studio

How To Build A Windows App A RAD Studio target group

RAD Studio is the ultimate IDE for creating cross-platform functional native apps. The powerful app builder supports both modern C++ and Delphi and offers powerful VCL controls for Windows 10. Additionally, RAD Studio has an integrated toolchain. Hence, it provides all the tools you need for efficient software development, such as an editor, compiler, debugger, and more. It also supports FMX for Windows and Desktop.

Here are the key features of RAD Studio that help you build high-performance windows apps with ease

Does RAD Studio allow you to build native cross-platform apps?

In today’s competitive world, it’s essential to provide exceptional app user experience over multiple platforms. RAD Studio provides a single code base for several major platforms, such as Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. This means you only need to write code for one app, and then you can compile the same code on any of these platforms.

How to build a Windows app faster with RAD Studio?

RAD Studio allows you to build functional apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux five times faster. It offers an incredible GUI development environment with built-in visual and non-visual components for faster coding.

Here are the key features of RAD Studio that you can use for faster and smarter coding:

How To Build A Windows App The component palette
  • Smart code navigation
  • LSP awareness of Include files
  • Auto code completion using the Tab key
  • Auto-restart of LSP server
  • Class helper support
  • Hints and tips from inline documentation while coding
  • Array suggestions while assigning arrays
  • C++ Code formatter for automating the layout of C++ code using clang-format
How To Build A Windows App Code insight

How can you improve code quality with RAD Studio app builder software?

RAD Studio offers several features for improving code quality:

  • Error Insight feature for finding coding errors automatically and solving them quickly
  • A built-in refactoring feature for streamlining and improving an app’s performance and readability
  • Integrated DUnit and DUnitX frameworks to build unit tests for code
  • Well-tested and highly-optimized cross-platform libraries
  • Visual Studio Code for editing Delphi source with full code completion
How To Build A Windows App error insight

How does RAD Studio help you with faster debugging?

With RAD Studio’s integrated native debugging, you can:

How To Build A Windows App a conditional breakpoint
  • Add breakpoints to pause the program conditionally or at a specific location
  • Trace the execution route of the code
  • Inspect the current value of variables
  • Keep code completion running while debugging

How does RAD Studio help with remote team collaboration?

RAD Studio offers improved Remote Desktop support (for VCL and IDE) that allows you to collaborate remotely with your team. You can also track changes quickly and manage them efficiently using version control systems, such as Git and Mercurial repositories. Additionally, RAD Studio enables you to navigate changes and history easily using the history tab in the code viewer.

Is it possible to link RAD Studio to different databases and data Sources?

Being able to connect to a wide array of database sources and database server types has always been a huge strength of RAD Studio. RAD Studio’s FireDAC allows you to connect to 20+ ‘traditional’ databases, including both SQL and NoSQL databases. In addition, you can also use Embarcadero’s CData Enterprise Connectors. These connectors enable direct access to over 180 enterprise systems through standard SQL.

Can you extend RAD Studio’s functionality?

One of the most liked features of RAD Studio is that it allows you to add your own plugins and components depending on your needs and requirements. You can download new tools from Embarcadero Technology Partners. RAD Studio also allows users to add a variety of third-party plugins and add-ons.

How To Build A Windows App the getit package manager showing some experts and IDE add ins

If you want to learn more about windows app development, check out this article.

Are you ready to build a windows app with the best native app builder? Head over to RAD Studio and try its exciting features today!

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