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A Step-By-Step Guide To Cross-Platform App Development

In a world where people are constantly glued to their gadgets, it’s no surprise that businesses are starting to invest more in mobile app development. But with so many different types of devices out there, how can you make sure your app will work on all of them? The answer is cross-platform app development! What is cross-platform app development? Cross-platform app development is…
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Speaking at Italian Delphi Day 2022

In two weeks, I’ll be giving a couple of sessions at the (online) Italian Delphi Day event, organized by Wintech Italia. This year the Italian Delphi Day event (one of the longest running yearly Delphi conferences) is scheduled for June 21st to 23rd. Once again…
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The Next Big Thing In Low Code Mobile App Development Platforms

In today’s modern world, where billions of people use mobile devices, organizations need to have a solid mobile app strategy. In fact, mobile has now become the leading platform for customer engagement. When it comes to mobile app development, most developers these days use low code mobile app development platforms. This is because low code app development platforms simplify the app…
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The Next Big Thing In Analytics And Reporting Tools

The world is becoming increasingly data-driven. Without data, businesses cannot succeed and expand. They may have a stream of data coming from different sources, but it is useless without analytics and reporting tools. Data is a critical asset for businesses as it helps them make informed business decisions. Plus, data usage drives the success of a business. Which depends on analytics…
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Do All Great C++ Apps Use Lambda Expressions?

Hello Dear C++ Developers, Do All Great C++ Apps Use Lambda Expressions? Here’s a great selection of post picks from LearnC++ and here on the Embarcadero blog to help you create C++ apps. We describe the pros and cons of C++ Lambda Expressions and take you through…
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The Pros And Cons Of Low Code App Development Platforms

You know a lot about low code app development if you follow us. The beginner’s guide was the initial tutorial/article about low-code platforms. In that article, we have explored and learnt new things about no-code platforms in certain ways. If you have not read that article, here you can see what you can learn from it: No-Code MovementDifferences between Low-Code PlatformsWhy Low-Code…
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