Announcing the Desktop First UX Summit 2021

Are your applications ready for the upcoming release of Windows 11? Find out at the annual Desktop First UX Summit sponsored by Embarcadero’s RAD Studio. Don’t be stuck on mobile or locked to the web. Great software is built on the desktop! The Desktop First UX Summit focuses on the quality of the user experience for desktop users, where business happens. Once you have a strong foundation…
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Desktops Are An Unmatched Productivity Powerhouse

Mobile apps are popular, but with the global pandemic disrupting workplaces worldwide, desktop devices will bring the office to you starting this week. Microsoft has reported that over 1.3 billion devices are running Windows 10, and the company is working on releasing…
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What Is It Like To Be A Developer Sunil Kumar Arora?

Hello. This article is part of a new series where we speak with professional software developers who useWindows app development tools, ask them what it’s like to write code for a living, and perhaps gain a few insights into the software development industry along the way. Today we’re talking to Sunil Kumar Arora also known as “Digitiger”. Sunil is a based in Shillong…
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