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Powerful JPEG Video Streaming Library For Delphi And C++ Builder.

It is easy to create a video streaming server and client in your applications. The Video Stream library from WINSOFT allows you incorporate video streaming capability in your Delphi and C++Builder projects. How to install component 1) Download the component archive here.2) Extract files from the archive to any folder.3) You need to copy all of the files from the folder corresponding to the…
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Blazing Fast Socket Communications Component Library For Delphi

NetCom7 is an extremely optimized code on TCP/IP sockets. Forget using one thread per connection. With this suite, you can have as many concurrent connections to your server as you like. Threads are used per request and not per connection, and are maintained in a very fast thread pool class. The NetCom version 7.2 package is now multi-platform! You can compile your apps under all platforms in…
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