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Powerful Spider Delphi Profiler Brings You Real Time Profiling For Delphi Applications

Delphi Profilers are used for Delphi application analysis, including performance profiling, memory and resource profiling, code coverage, unused unit detection, code metrics, exception tracing and integration with RAD Studio.

To get more detailed information about the Spider – Delphi Profiler, check the features below:

  • Detailed debug information (internal, TDS, MAP)
  • Display information for multi-threaded applications
  • Timeline diagram for process execute
  • Analysis of exceptions
  • Analysis of the realtime use of memory
  • Analysis of memory leaks
  • Analysis of the call stack
  • Analysis of run-time functions (code tracking)
  • Analysis of the “deadlocks” (Sleep, CriticalSection, SendMessage, etc.)
  • The ability to view the source code in the analysis of events

More information can be found on the project’s website: http://dbg-spider.net


This fork contains portions of (hash) code from the DWScript repository (https://bitbucket.org/egrange/dwscript) which is copyright by Eric Grange.

Since the license for the this project has not been specified by the original author, it might not be compatible when specified.

To download the library, please visit the link below:


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