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What You Need To Know About TabOrder And Cross Platform Apps

Developers often get requests to create forms where it is crucial to pay attention to the position of a cursor after the Tab key is pressed at every point of the program execution. This can be particularly important when developing cross platform apps where following user’s expectations of how user interfaces should behave can help make your app seem professional. It can be important from…
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What Are The Mistakes We Made In Creating Delphi Objects?

Practically every developer, even a newcomer in programming, can create and destroy objects correctly. A classic construction that is used in the majority of programs looks the following way: MyObject:= TMyClass.Create(); try {some code…} finally MyObject.Free; end; Yet, some time ago, there were a lot of discussions where to place object creation: before an exception handler or within…
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Discover The Powerful Custom ModernListView Library For Cross-Platform Development in Delphi FireMonkey

The website has an article with some really detailed information about the ModernListView Library. Lets check what they are saying. “Developer rzaripov1990 has a custom ListView component over on Github for Firemonkey in Delphi 10 Berlin. The ListView is the central component for every mobile application, and as a developer you should always choose the one that can be…
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All You Need To Know About The Open Source AsmProfiler 32-Bit Profiler Written In Delphi And Assembly

AsmProfiler is a full tracing 32bit profiler (instrumenting and sampling), written in Delphi and some assembly. AsmProfiler stands for “assembly profiler” because the heart of the profiler is written in assembly. According to the author of the project: “There are some (good) profilers available, but these are: Too expensive, and I want that every programmer can use a…
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