Five Great Things To Learn About String Operations in Modern C++

Hello C++ and Delphi Developers, Today we are looking at strings, mostly String Operations in your Modern C++ app. We also added some older functions or methods which are still popular C and C++ string operations that you come across while coding. We will learn to swap one string with another one, as well as getting a part of a string, a substring of a string, and in another post, we will learn…
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How To Make MSIX Installers For Your C++ App And More

Hello C++ Developers, Today we have some really great article picks for beginners about the best compiler IDE and how to compile C++ apps on Windows. Also, we explain how to operate on the words in a string in C++, std::string or Unicode String, both are explained thoroughly. We also picked out a superb article which teaches you everything you need to know to make MSIX installer packages for…
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The Top C++ Posts This Week You Can Read Right Now

Hello C and C++ Developers. LearnCPlusPlus.org is growing into a very rich resource of new and unique posts that answer the developer’s needs with excellent and easy-to-follow examples. This usefulness is reflected in the growing popularity of the site as a destination for C++ education and information exchange. It is the ultimate destination to learn how to use the powerful C++ language…
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