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Have You Made Your Application Server HTTP/2 Ready?

In early 2015, HTTP/2 was introduced as the new standard by IESG. This standard makes your application faster, simpler, and more robust. In this article we take you through the differences between HTTP/1 and HTTP/2, the benefits and some key terms. Why should I use HTTP/2? Converting from using HTTP/1 to HTTP/2 brings the following benefits: HTTP/2 reduces latency by enabling full…
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Easily Deploy RAD Server With Windows And Linux Installers

I have been showing complete, industry-ready solutions built with RAD Server. For instance, theField Services Industry templatecontains REST endpoints which the Field Service Admin and Field Service App connect to. It uses InterBase on the backend for its database storage. Or theHospitality Industry templatethat includes a mobile client application for…
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Quickly Control Light Bulbs Using FireMonkey

ThingConnect IoT device component pack is one of the best areas of RAD Studio. It offers you to connect to dozens of IoT devices with easy-to-use interfaces. For instance, you can connect to the Aeon Labs Light Bulb using Delphi or C++ Builder. As you can see these light bulbs can be controlled by other devices. You can schedule events using your FireMonkey based mobile…
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