Updated XML Mapper - MVP Project

Recently we launched a new experiment of opening up some internal projects for MVPs to work on. As opposed to some of our open-source initiatives like Bold, these are still owned by Embarcadero and a primary part of the product. This is something MVPs have requested the option to be in involved in for a while, so it is very exciting to finally say it is in full swing and a success. The first…
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Learn Delphi on Exercism

One of our MVPs, Ryan Potts, is the originator and maintainer of the Delphi track on Exercism – a site dedicated making it easy for people to learn different programming languages. He was interviewed by the Exercism team previously, but I thought it would be…

Introducing the Embarcadero MVP Regional Coordinators

When I started at Embarcadero Technologies in 2013 there were 56 MVPs, including me, but then I retired, and Anders Ohlsson became an MVP, so we balanced that out. In five years since we’ve lost a few MVPs, but gained a lot. Today we have almost 200 MVPs, and we have a…