The Top 6 Picks From Last Week On LearnCPlusPlus.org

Hello Dear C++ Developers, LearnCPlusPlus.org is the ultimate place to learn how to use the powerful Modern C++ language in easy steps. We try to use the latest RAD Studio, C++ Builder versions (10.4.2) to test the modern ways in CLANG C++ Standards. Because of CLANG, most of our posts are compatible with Dev-C++, C++ Builder Community Edition, Visual C++, GNU C+/C++, Objective-C. Some of our…
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Implementing A Blazing Fast IoT Network With MQTT

In this article, we’ll go over what IoT is, what MQTT is, how MQTT works, what MQTT entities are, how to build an MQTT message, what the rules of writing MQTT, how to implement MQTT with Windows app development tools, and much more. What is IoT? The IoT term defines the concept of internet-connected physical devices that can send and/or receive data. To exchange data easily, a protocol…
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Built In Delphi: Impressive Store Occupancy Limiting Software Solution

XenoView is a Windows application developed in Delphi/C++Builder to allow retail locations to limit their store occupancy during the pandemic. According to the developer, “Cameras above each entrance track the customers arriving and departing and send MQTT messages to XenoView. XenoView calculates how many people are in the store and controls traffic lights by actuating digital IO. XenoView…
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