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Accelerate Development With The Latest FMX And VCL Packages Via Embarcadero GetIt

The RAD Studio IDE has a package manager called GetIt built in which that allows you to browse, download, purchase, and install packages. Packages provide libraries, components, IDE extensions, SDKs, styles, samples, and more. Packages available in the package manager can be browsed on theEmbarcadero GetItsite and installed in the IDE or via a command line. Additionally, the latest…
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Flexible Enterprise-Grade TUsers Security Component for VCL on Windows

TUsers Security Component helps Delphi Developers implementing User Authentication and User Permissions Management quickly in their Desktop Applications. Password protect menus, buttons, actions, dbgrids, datasets, fields and virtually any VCL component, even 3rd-party componentes, like DevExpress and JVCL. The built-in and user-friendly Admistration Module gives you powerfull and easy user rigths…
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