How to Master Ethereum in 6 Simple Steps

What is Ethereum and how is it different to Bitcoin? Whether your focus is on native windows development or for mobile, cross platform targets, Ethereum is the community-run technology powering the cryptocurrency ether (ETH) and thousands of decentralized applications. Ethereum is widely called “the world computer” or “general-purpose blockchain”. Ethereum is an…
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Convert Java Class Files and .jar Archive Files into Delphi Modules Using the Java4Delphi Tool

Intro Java4Delphi converter tool helps to convert Java .class files and Java .jar archives to Delphi .pas files. So, Java classes and libraries can be used from Delphi projects easily. Java4Delphi by WINSOFT is a commercial tool and gives all the functionalities when you get a license. All the source code of JNI and Delphi4Java units will be included in it. The best thing about this tool…
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PDFium - PDF Engine for your Delphi/C++ Builder FireMonkey Applications

Intro PDFium Component Suite for FireMonkey has so many capabilities to handle PDF documents. It uses PDFium open-source PDF rendering engine and supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. PDFium itself is used by the Chromium project. So, you can understand that “ium” comes from Chromium! This is a fully open-source project and you can contribute to that here. Installation Since…
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Delphi en la atención de la salud, contra la pandemia del coronavirus [ en español ]

Spanish translation of Delphi in Healthcare, Fighting the Corona Pandemic Delphi en la atención de la salud, contra la pandemia del coronavirus Cuando una crisis como la pandemia del coronavirus azota a la sociedad, impacta en todos los aspectos de la vida humana. Ha limitado severamente nuestra capacidad de viajar e interactuar con familiares y seres queridos, ha cambiado la forma en que…
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