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Use the PdfBox-Android Library in Your Delphi/C++ Builder FireMonkey Applications


With the PDF Library for Android by WINSOFT, you can create, process, and render PDF documents in your Delphi/C++ Builder FireMonkey Android applications.

The PDF Library for Android by WINSOFT uses the PdfBox-Android library. So, this is our main library here. Because the PdfBox-Android library offers full control over PDF documents. 

The library by the WINSOFT allows us to easily talk with the PdfBox-Android library. 


  • Uses PdfBox-Android library
  • Available for Delphi/C++ Builder 10 – 10.4


The first thing is to configure the library into your RAD Studio. Please, follow this short tutorial if you don’t have a component/library installing/configuring experience!

Also, watch see this demo action video that shows how this PDF library works in a Delphi FireMonkey application


Every Android application runs in a limited sandbox. If an application needs permission to do something inside Android OS, you should get permission.

Requesting permission is easy in Delphi/C++ Builder FireMonkey. So, you should request a write external storage permission and then you can start processing PDF documents.

Here is our CreatePdf procedure which initializes PDF library, creates a Pdf Document object, adds a new page, and creates a content stream.

You have many features that you can use, for instance:

  • Adding Text Content
  • Utilize Unicode Font
  • Draw Lines
  • Draw Shapes

Head over and check out the full WINSOFT PDF Library for Android

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