New for the IDE in RAD Studio 10.4.1

RAD Studio 10.4.1 is a quality-focused release, and this goes for the IDE! We’ve addressed many items including some very commonly requested changes; read more below. A ‘quality-focused release’ means one where we introduce very few new features, and focus 95% of our development efforts on quality. 10.4.1 has had a lot of work in the IDE and will be much smoother for you once you install.
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C++ GM Update: Focus on C++ Quality in 10.4 And 10.4.1

Our refocusing efforts on quality assurance and bug fixes for C++ Builder has never been more clear than in 10.4.1. While we appreciate your patience, we don’t take it for granted. We have never been more energized to build on the solid foundations of C++ Builder and will…
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New Powerful ProDelphi and ProDelphi64 for Delphi on Windows

ProDelphi measures the runtime of applications. It shows where the time is spent. The developer has a lot of experience in optimization of Delphi, DBase and assembler programs, also in optimizing real time operating systems for process control. A few minutes after installation the first bottleneck in the measured application is discovered. ProDelphi is an eyeopener. It has helpful…
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Native and Powerful EurekaLog Tooling for RAD Studio on Windows

EurekaLog is an exception tracer tool for RAD Studio (Delphi and C++ Builder). It allows you to catch every crash (exception), hang, and leak, directly on the end-user PC (without need to install/use the debugger or IDE). It creates a detailed bug report, including human-readable call stack (with names and line numbers), along with the application and system’s info. Bug reports can be…
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10.4 Patch #2: Delphi code completion and IDE fixes

10.4 Patch #2, released yesterday, makes many tweaks and changes to DelphiLSP code completion Delphi 10.4 redesigned Code Insight, one of the most significant changes to the Delphi IDE in a decade. It’s now asynchronous and responsive, and uses the compiler as a…