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How To Create A Super-Fast Pusher Notification App

In this article, you’ll learn what is Pusher API, its specifications, Public & Private Channel of Pusher, integrating Pusher to your IDE Software, connecting pusher network with TsgcWSAPI_Pusher component of ESEGECE, and many more. What is Pusher ? Pusher is a set of bidirectional APIs targeted at real-time communication. The main use cases for those APIs are : Real time charts…
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Exciting Crossword Puzzle Android App Is Made In Delphi

Uzbek Crosswords is a crosswords puzzle app built in Delphi Berlin 10.1. According to the developer, “Uzbek crossword puzzles are very interesting and very easy to use. There is also an assistance system. This is our first Uzbek program. We think our users will like it very much. In the future, we will continue to develop this program together with the instructions of our fans. Of course…
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Impressive Procedural Game And 3D Engine Built In Delphi Is A Work Of Art

Developer Zudomon (Nick Pützer) has been building an impressive procedural game called StoneQuest and 3D engine in Delphi. He has put in over 12,000 hours since 2011 building the engine and game. The whole game and content are less than 15MB in size! One of the goals of the developer is for him to build it entirely himself in Delphi. The current gameplay is reminiscent of Minecraft. According to…
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