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Easily Learn To Store Data In A Nested Dataset using FireDAC With FireDAC.TFDMemTable.NestedDataSet Sample

TheNestedDataSetsample shows you how to set anested datasetin a dataset field. Location You can find theNestedDataSetsample project at: Start | Programs | Embarcadero RAD Studio Sydney | Samplesand then navigate to – Object Pascal\Database\FireDAC\Samples\Comp Layer\TFDMemTable\NestedDataSetSubversion Repository – You can find Delphi…
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3 Libraries for improving Existing Applications built with Delphi

One topic I get increasingly asked about Delphi Programming when developers are migrating to the latest version of RAD Studio is “quick ways to improve their applications”. So in this post, I am going to summarise 3 favorites by focusing on the libraries in RAD Studio. If you are new to RAD Studio, then I would also recommend reading these, as they are very easy to implement and provide quick…
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New Modern InstantSolutions for Delphi on Windows

Ethea has created a sophisticated application builder framework, which allows you to create quality software apps quickly with a user interface that can be customized and adapted to customer needs in easy and fast way. Delphi developers will find in InstantSolutions an effective and fast tool to quickly create Windows Client / Server applications, with a modern user interface and high-performance…
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Flexible Powerful JfControls Grid for Delphi VCL on Windows

JfControls Grid include all components related to grids: TJfGrid, highly sophisticated and fully customisable, this grid can support any kind of columns and bands: calendar, calculator, masks, lookups, package images, images, buttons, checks, combos, etc. Every record may be formed by multiple rows. Grouping by columns. Automatic sorting processes, SubSummaries by grouped columns. General…
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