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Writing Your Own Components For The FastReport Dialog

When creating a report, it is important not only to make a beautiful printed form that will display the data necessary for the user. but also a convenient prepress dialog where the user can set the parameters for generating the report. In the RAD Studio IDE Software, on the fastReport prepress dialog, there are already a number of components, for example, Label, Edit, Button, Memo. But…
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Boost Productivity With The Latest New Packages From Embarcadero GetIt

The GetIt Package Manager is the package manager built into the RAD Studio IDE that allows you to browse, download, purchase, and install packages. Packages may provide libraries, components, IDE extensions, and SDKs. Packages available in the package manager can be browsed on the Embarcadero GetIt site and downloaded in the IDE or via a command line. Additionally, the latest list of new packages…
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