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Delphi Best Practices For A New Project In 2021 And Beyond

The goal of this tutorial is to describe the Delphi development ecosystem. It can be helpful for someone coming to Delphi from another programming language. Delphi is really easy to learn – the programming language syntax can be learned in hours. Pascal, from which Delphi’s Object Pascal language has evolved, has long been a very popular language in colleges and education for…
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How To Achieve Productive Server Side Development

RAD Server is a powerful application and easy to implement infrastructure for rapidly building and deploying services-based applications. RAD Server offers developers the ability to quickly create modern services-based architecture using Delphi and C++ Builder. RAD Server – Foundation to take your existing client/server business logic to REST API endpoints swiftly. In this post…
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Enterprise-Grade Object Persistence Framework For Delphi

Last few years, there is a rise in open-source Delphi projects on GitHub. Many tech companies which utilize Delphi is publishing their code to GitHub to share their different solution for different problems in the software development business. InstantObjects – this is the integrated framework for developing an object-oriented solution in Delphi. This framework enables the creation of…
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Enterprise-Grade Rich Text Editor Component For Windows With WYSIWYG Editing And Reporting Add-Ons

TRichView Component is a set of native Delphi and C++ Builder VCL components for illustrating, editing, and printing complex rich text documents easily. TRichView component suite offers a wide range of functionalities to create advanced text editors, web/help/book authoring applications, chats, and messengers. Moreover, if you need a high-quality hypertext user interface, the TRichView…
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