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MQTT: How Do I Write An App To Communicate With IOT Devices?

When we combine MQTT with Delphi we can easily write apps which will communicate with IOT devices. Follow along with us now as Bruno Mileto tells us how to do it. IoT – the unseen world Internet of Things, or IoT, is a concept that defines the connection between physical objects with the user and the internet. It makes use of intelligent sensors, in addition to software, used in the…
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Easily Communicate With The TI Gas Sensor Platform Using Delphi And C++ Builder

This ThingConnect IoT Device Component Pack is an add-on module designed for use with Delphi and C++Builder. TheTI Gas Sensorcomponent pack helps you to connect to the Gas Sensor Platform by Texas Instruments. Texas Instruments Gas Sensor Platform is a Bluetooth Low Energy gas sensor platform from Texas Instruments. This device can monitor gases like carbon monoxide, oxygen…
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