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Beautiful Responsive Home Screen UI Templates For FireMonkey Available For Free Via GetIt In The IDE

New FireMonkey developers tend to make unresponsive and bad user experience. For this, we should show guidelines and sample projects to learn how to create stunning FireMonkey projects. ThisFireMonkey UI templateincludes three different designs for implementing an app home screen in a multi-device application. You can get these sample UI templates…
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Learn Game Development With Delphi FireMonkey In This Delphi Bootcamp Session

In this Delphi Bootcamp session, you can learn about how to create cross-platform games with Delphi FireMonkey. If would like to learn about the industrial game development use case in Delphi FireMonkey, be sure to check out the Rise of Legions game by Broken Games Studio which has over 100,000 subscribers. Rise of Legions Overview Four Classic Arcade GamesAlien InvasionMars…
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Learn How To Build Powerful User Interfaces With Delphi FireMonkey In This Bootcamp Replay

Once you learn how to create compelling user interfaces with the FireMonkey you start feeling the power of the FireMonkey. In this video, you can learn the concepts of FireMonkey which helps you to think wider with the FireMonkey. Here are the basics of the FireMonkey: Anything can be nestedSee ClipChildrenMost numeric properties are single & animatablePosition, RotationCenter…
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