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6 Best UI Toolkits For Windows

User Interface design is evolving and the age of building from scratch is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Modern integrated development environments, IDEs, often contain features such as low code wizards and pre-made templates with beautiful professional quality styles and themes. Nowadays, many designers search for the best UI toolkit they can get to simplify their work process and create…
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The Pros And Cons Of Low Code App Development Platforms

You know a lot about low code app development if you follow us. The beginner’s guide was the initial tutorial/article about low-code platforms. In that article, we have explored and learnt new things about no-code platforms in certain ways. If you have not read that article, here you can see what you can learn from it: No-Code MovementDifferences between Low-Code PlatformsWhy Low-Code…
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A Beginner's Guide To The Best Low Code Platform

What is the Low-Code, No-Code Movement? As a programmer/developer or an engineer it’s not long now before you will see advertising and articles about no-code or low code development technologies or micro-services available in the market. A quick web search for “low-code development tools” and you will discover hundreds of different micro-tools that can help you build a whole…
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How To Make A Fully Working Slack Bot In Under 10 Minutes

Slack is one of the leading communication platforms for millions of users. With it, you can perform instant messaging, document sharing, and a variety of other activities to improve the collaboration between team members. You can also automate or control many things with Bots in Slack by using IDE Software. Can you create Slack Bots using Delphi? Yes you can! SDriver is a Delphi…
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