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Are You Using The Secret Alternative To SQLite?

I know the best way to traumatize a software developer who has been using Delphi for some time. You just show them this image: The BDE Administration Manager. So many ‘happy’ hours trying to resolve “PDOXUSERS.NET is in use” messages and learning all about the purpose of arcane settings like SharedDir and NETDIR. Shudder. If you wanted to store a database accessed via the BDE on a…
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Compare And Synchronize SQL Database Objects And Table Records With Powerful Component Suite For Delphi

Database designing and maintaining the data is a crucial part of the developer’s job. Sometimes, you might need to compare SQL objects and records. Or maybe synchronize the structure and table data for many databases, like, FireBird, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Interbase. At that point, Database Comparer can give you fast solutions to your problems. Database Comparer is free for non-commercial…
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