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NexusDB Is A Powerful Client Server Embedded Database Engine For Delphi With A Unique Feature Set

100 delphi database client server embedded db system

NexusDB is one of the loved database systems by Delphi developers around the world. It offers the Embedded free version which is a single-user database that compiles without any additional libraries. Delphi itself ships with the powerful FireDAC data access components library which features support for IBLite, SQLite, and over 20 other databases. According to the developer’s site “NexusDB introduces unique new features for Delphi developers while further improving on its core strengths stability, performance and flexibility.”

Moreover, NexusDB offers highly optimized database components to fit your database needs. With these components, you can easily manipulate and work with your database.

NexusDB Features:

  • Intuitive developer tools to maintain databases
  • Fully-Featured SQL support
  • Different types of deployment
    • Embedded
    • Client/Server Stand Alone
    • Client/Server Windows Service
  • Swift Database Performance
    • Multi-Threaded Engine
    • Memory Manager
    • Memory Tables
  • Robust Client/Server Architecture
    • Better performance and increased performance
  • Extensibility
    • You can new features to the core engine
  • And more!

With the GetIt Package Manager, you can easily download and install the NexusDB. Be sure to head over and check out NexusDB!

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