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Learn How To Easily Work With Delphi Database Connection Definitions With This Sample

The ConnectionDefs property is a powerful tool that can be used to make your connections management simple and flexible, with the possibility of persisting and transport your connection’s parameters whenever you want, using these transportable files you can load and navigate between previously configured connections on self-contained .INI files, thus, you don’t have to worry about load…
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Learn How To Implement Auto-Incremental Fields In This FireDAC.AutoincFields Sample For Delphi

FireDAC allows the insertion of a new record with an auto-incrementing column and getting back a new value of this column. That works for immediate updates, as well as forcached updates. Depending on the DBMS, the auto-incrementing fields may be implemented either using a special IDENTITY (or similar) column data type, or using a generator (or a sequence) and a table…
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High-Performance Robust NexusDB Database for Delphi on Windows and Android

The NexusDB database engine for Delphi allows the developer to easily create Client/Server and Embedded database systems, with no or minimal client site installation required. NexusDB database is designed to allow easy modifications for custom requirements. Our company is dedicated to support our products and deliver first class solutions. The company is based in Brisbane, Australia, and…
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Learn To Quickly Use NoSQL With MongoDB And FireDAC In Delphi And C++Builder

In CodeRageX there were two sessions around MongoDB. The first session is the basics and the second session is more advanced topics dealing with MongoDB.MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL document database. The first session covers a MongoDB overview, JSON and BSON, the FireDAC MongoDB API wrapping classes, and the FireDAC MongoDB datasets.The second session covers indexing, query options…
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