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How To Make A 3D Data Visualization With Extruded Cylindrical Bars

Data Visualization sounds hard, but it’s actually easy to build in C++ Builder . C++ is an immensely powerful programming language allowing you to develop fully native and super-fast applications, games and utilities with rich graphics. You can use OpenGL or Direct3D libraries or some other 3rd party 3D Engines. In C++ Builder you can directly create your own 3D objects, you can animate…
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Machine Learning: 5 Ways To Use ML in your Windows Apps

How do I start using Machine Learning in Windows? Machine learning isn’t only for the cloud, or run locally in a web browser or command prompt, Microsoft is bringing it to PCs in the latest Windows 10 release. For example, Microsoft provides Python’s WinRT to create Windows Machine Learning applications, and ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange) format, an open standard for sharing trained…
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