Learn How To Easily Work With A COMPort On Linux In Delphi Using A WINSOFT Library

Using this awesome library you can track and use all available ComPorts on your linux machine. To make it work just download and add the library path, declare the units and call its functions, it is easy, fast and efficient. Follow the tutorial to learn how to implement this. In my case i was working with a Windows host running Ubuntu on VirtualBox. Installing Development Packages To install the…
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Access FTDI, Prolific, USB, And Serial COM Ports With Firemonkey In Delphi 10 Berlin On Android And Windows

Author: Wolfgang_W_ DeveloperErik Salaj over at WINSOFT has a whole suite of Com Port components for Firemonkey in Delphi and C++Builder. The various Com Port components give you access to the Com Port on Android, OSX, and Windows. It does not appear that there is any support for IOS though. You can communication with all kinds of different devices using the Com Port like printers, sensors…
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