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Ultra-Fast Way To Retrieve Event Logs In Your Delphi App With Robust Component Suite

Developers may often need to retrieve the windows event messages to diagnose system problems and predict future issues. How to retrieve event logs programmatically for the given source such as System, Security, Hardware events, etc. ? Don’t know how to do? Don’t worry? MiTec’sSystem Information Management Suite’s component helps to retrieve event messages quickly and…
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Powerful Serial Communication Component in FireMonkey for Delphi and C++ Builder on Windows

ComPort for FireMonkey (TFComport) it’s an easy to use and very powerful component to communicate with devices connected to the serial port. You can download a trial version of the component from the creator web WinSoft. Features of TFComport It’s easy to use and very powerfulCan communicate with any device connected to the serial port using RS232 protocolIt’s using…
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