Powered By Delphi: Wall-YE Is A Remarkable Agricultural Software Suite

Wall-YE utilizes a suite of software apps built in Delphi and C++ for agricultural automation through robotics. According to the developer, “Delphi does weed control: agricultural and wine-growing robots are revolutionizing our fields. An alternative and modern solution for farmers and winegrowers Wall-YE offers a new solution to farmers and winegrowers: the Myce robot. Available in several…
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Cross-Platform Automation Projeto ACBr for Delphi on Windows and Android

The ACBr Project, or Commercial Automation Project Brazil, is a set of several Sources, Components and Programs to help in development of Applications for Commercial Automation segment, and distributed under the Open Source. The ACBr Project is managed by Daniel Simões de Almeida, founder of the Project. The ACBr source code and forum are maintained by dozens of developers and moderators…
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