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This Is How To Explain Automation To Your Boss

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Behind every successful organization, especially those specializing in windows application development, are innovative solutions and strategies which were, at some point, just ideas in the minds of employees like yourself. You’ve probably identified areas of improvement in your organization’s workflows, and automation signifies a business potential if you can turn your ideas into reality. 

According to a renowned American advertiser, Lois Wyse, “the only people in the world who can change things are those who can sell ideas.

Most of us realize it’s not enough just to spot automation as a business potential; we need to ideate, evaluate, and get buy-in from our bosses to move from idea to implementation. This is not always easy; more often than not, our bosses are busy people who might already be overwhelmed with executing their own priorities as well as that of their higher-ups. So, taking on a new approach may take a back seat to their day-to-day activities. 

Automation is changing the way businesses run and manage processes; from improved asset utilization and increased productivity to faster process completion, the opportunities could be endless. You know all this, but how do you get your boss to buy in?

This Is How To Explain Automation To Your Boss Waiting for an explanation

How can you tailor your explanation to your boss’ goals and values?

It is essential for anyone looking to sell anything, an idea or a product, to understand their audience’s goals and values. In this case, you need to know your boss’s unique blend of business goals and values. One way to go about this is by speaking directly to your boss on their goals and vision for the organization. For example, your boss might want to eliminate data silos, facilitate faster decision-making or faster process completion, and ultimately double revenue in four years. In addition to the many benefits of automation, it unlocks data silos, bringing data together from disparate sources and allowing for better data consumption and analysis.

With the feedback from your boss, you can draft explanations and recommendations on all the revenue benefits, alongside a working strategy on how you hope to implement it. For example, what automation tools you’d be employing, what processes, and how you can double revenue by saving money through automation.

How can you support your explanation with evidence from similar companies?

Although recent advances in control system technology and machine learning have taken workflow automation to new heights, businesses and employees have been benefitting from its implementation for quite some time. For example, Amazon has been reaping automation benefits since 2012, when they bought a robotics company. 

So, identify successful competitors within your market that are implementing automation and probably poaching your customers. This shouldn’t be a difficult task; odds are every organization implementing automation with the right strategy is successful. Locate them and use them to support your explanation. You can also include a detailed comparison of the two systems, with and without automation, using a reasonable sample size of companies before and after adopting automation.

This Is How To Explain Automation To Your Boss Explaining things
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How can you bring in an automation expert to bolster your case?

If your boss is like mine, they probably trust the word of an expert more than that of his employee. Except you’re an automation expert yourself, offering to bring in one to explain further the new technology merits will definitely bolster your case. Embacadero often runs automation webinars featuring high-level experts in the field; you can check them out on Youtube. For a more tailored and hands-on approach, contact us, and an expert will be waiting to speak to you and your boss.  You should also check out a free trial today of the great range of Embarcadero development tools which are designed to help you turn your software development ideas a reality in the fastest and most efficient ways possible.

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