RAD Studio with Delphi - The Original Low Code!

These days low-code development is en vogue. Various research groups, such as Gartner, put the low-code application development platform market at ~$10M billion in 2019 and project CAGR to be greater than 20% from 2020 to 2027. In contrast, the market for developer tools has largely remained flat, and growth is estimated to be under 5% at best, largely driven by the wide proliferation of open…
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DelphiRAD Studio

Setting up the IDE for your First Android App

I have had a growing number of customers asking recently about getting started with Android programming with Delphi, so I thought it was a good time to refresh how to check your IDE is set up, how to enable developer mode on an Android phone, and show how you can rapidly get…
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Cross-Platform Automation Projeto ACBr for Delphi on Windows and Android

The ACBr Project, or Commercial Automation Project Brazil, is a set of several Sources, Components and Programs to help in development of Applications for Commercial Automation segment, and distributed under the Open Source. The ACBr Project is managed by Daniel Simões de Almeida, founder of the Project. The ACBr source code and forum are maintained by dozens of developers and moderators…
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Powerful High-Performance TeeChart Components for Delphi on Windows and macOS

TeeChart is a Charting Components Library that helps to improve developer productivity to create rich and highly qualified charts. Steema Software was founded in 1996 and has been the authoring, distributing and supporting software component libraries for developers, mainly the charting library named TeeChart. Steema’s TeeChart component libraries are used across a wide variety of…
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Revised: 10.4 Patch and C++ Android Exception Handling

Edit 28 July 2020: Patch 3, released today, resolves this issue. We recommend you install it. Please see the blog post for installation instructions – like patch 2, it is not straightforward. Original post: C++ Android 32-bit exception handling had some issues in 10.3.3 and 10.4. These are (edit: not) resolved in 10.4 patch #2, released yesterday. Post has been edited in title and content…
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