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Quality Robust TMS Aurelius ORM for Delphi on Windows and Android

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State-of-art ORM framework for Delphi with full support for data manipulation, complex and advanced queries, inheritance and polymorphism. Modernize your application structure using Object-Oriented Programming techniques, reduce your maintenance cost, create automated tests easily, and more, all from benefits of implementing a full-featured, robust and trustable ORM framework.

TMS software, established in 1995, is a software development company specialized in:

  • VCL, FMX, LCL, FNC, ASP.NET, .NET, IntraWeb component development
  • Windows, Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Node.js development projects
  • Training, consulting & custom project development

TMS software has a team of experienced developers with main office in Europe, Belgium as well as offices in Germany, Uruguay & Brasil.

TMS Aurelius just works: it’s mature and the most robust ORM framework for Delphi. All features you need are there, and quality is top-notch. Support from TMS Software is first class.

  • Works with: Delphi, RAD Server, DataSnap, FireMonkey, VCL, FireDAC
  • Works on: Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, macOS 64-bit, iOS 64-bit, Android 32-bit, Android 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, Web

TMS Software is an

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