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Beautiful Modern LMD DockingPack for VCL on Windows

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Create sophisticating applications with customizable and modern user interface using docking features and floating panels as known e.g. from Visual Studio. Package includes advanced site control with horizontal, vertical or tabs dock zones, splitters and shifting “auto hide” zones. Includes High DPI and Multimonitor support.

LMD Innovative is a germany based company supporting Delphi / C++ Builder since more than 20 years. We are the creator of famous VCL packages like LMD-Tools, LMD IDE-Tools, LMD ElPack and more. All in all more than 750 VCL controls are provided in the flagship product LMD VCL Complete.

  • Supports Delphi / C++Builder IDE 6 and better
  • Advanced site control with horizontal, vertical or tabs dock zones, splitters and shifting “auto hide” zones.
  • Transparent hot-spots drag-over active areas.
  • Additional drag-over active areas in tab zones and splitters.
  • Ability to place required user interface controls on the panels TLMDDockPanel – prevents having many distinct forms in the project.
  • Advanced design-time features with drag-and-drop zones rearrangement.
  • True proportional zones resizing. The LMD-DockingPack uses double coefficients to store proportional sizes that prevent proportion-lost bug while very slow resizing.
  • The notion of “space” zone. That is the central zone with main application content. The central zone has following useful special properties: space zone have highest priority to resize when the dock site is resizing, leaving all other edge zones with the same size; edge zones “auto hide” side is automatically detected relatively to space zone.
  • Using space zone gives following additional features: Unlike Delphi standard sites, like TPanel, dock-client can be docked into empty site to the edge, not only to the whole site area. This is more naturally from the user viewpoint. Dock-out of the space panel from the site does not corrupt edge zones layout.
  • Built-in native tabbed documents support: including special hotspot areas, close tab buttons and special floating form style.
  • Allowing locking some panels to prevent them to be dock-out from the site, using DragModeShowHeader and Buttons properties of the TLMDDockPanel. Allowing intercepting dock-dropping using OnCustomInsertQuery and OnCustomInsert events of the TLMDDockSite. These two features allow organizing fully custom central zone, like “tabbed documents” in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Advanced global saving/loading of the current dock layout.

The TLMDDockManager control allows to save/load any all dock sites, including dynamically created floating sites, in XML format. TLMDDockSite.LoadDesignLayout property and TLMDDockManager.ApplyDesignLayout method allows to defer applying design-time layout in application to prevent flickering.

  • Advanced dock panel lifetime management with OnCloseQueryOnClose events and Release method.
  • Works with: Delphi, C++Builder, VCL
  • Works on: Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit

LMD Innovative is an

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