Delphi for Linux RTL units

Author: Didier Cabalé I want to follow up my blog post covering the Delphi Linux compiler with a second one focused on the RTL units that are going to be available in Delphi for the Linux platform. The System Name Space These are the units part of the System name space that are available for the Linux platform (in alphabetic order): SysInit.pas System.Bindings.Consts.pas: this and following…
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C++IDERAD Studio

Which Is The Best C++ IDE For A Newbie?

Born in 1985, the C++ programming language is still very popular and widely used today. C++ programmers are in demand across almost all fields and niches of software development, from business and consumer apps to databases and operating systems. Being a relatively simple but powerful programming language, and thanks to high demand for C++ programmers, C++ has always been quite popular among…
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Top 10 Webinars: C++ And C++Builder

IF C++ and C++Builder are part of your development repertoire (and even if they aren’t), we invite you to enjoy our top 10 webinars around both, plus a bonus video with a rather influential figure in the history of C++ (scroll to the bottom to find out who it…
DelphiRAD Studio

3 Steps To Finding The Perfect Android App Builder Software

Android Studio is indeed the go-to Android App Builder Software for creating Android applications with Java or Kotlin. Since applications built with Java and Kotlin provide full native app development and all the available features, it really provides long-term success. Moreover, the community around Java and Android Studio is vast, and if there are issues that arise, there is a hundred per cent…
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The Anatomy of a Great Windows UI Toolkit

The broad popularity of Agile Software Development, DevOps, and continuous delivery pipelines puts more pressure on developers to build and deploy high-quality applications faster. With technology now underlying almost every aspect of daily commerce, as well as our business and private lives, fast and efficient software development is critical to maintaining developer competitiveness and success.
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