All About Apple ARM on the Desktop

For years Intel and AMD’s x86 architecture has ruled the desktop, while ARM dominated mobile platforms. Now ARM is making inroads onto the desktop. There are multiple versions of the M1, and the 2nd generation M2 is now available. With a shared CPU architecture, iOS and iPad apps can run on macOS, improving the simulator for app development. Most recently, the ARM architecture came full…
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.NET Apps and Interbase Change Views - How to track data changes automatically

This is a bonus post from the series about the integrating Interbase with .NET apps, and today we’ll talk about the incredible Interbase feature called Change Views™. Just in case this is your first visit here, I have a recap for you in the chronological order the previous posts were published: Introducing InterBase for .NET – A Super-Secure Embedded Data Warehouse For .NET…
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Made With Delphi: This Powerful Load Shedding Schedule App

This beautifully designed and engineered app makes the IDE Software: Delphi FireMonkey FMX platform’s superb cross-platform capabilities available on mobile devices running Android or iOS. Delphi keeps South Africans forewarned of potential electrical outages Eskom is a South African public utility supplying both commercial premises and regular consumers with electricity. At times of extreme…
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Terrific Living Psychometrics Application Is Delphi Powered

According to the developer, “This app offers four different calculations and shows the results both in a pane and on a psychrometric diagram: 1. Air treatment Calculates how to convert a given ambient air to a required design air. The steps involved are cooling with a given sensible heat factor, dehumidifying, heating and humidifying (adiabatic or steam). Depending on the given and required…
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